Patient Testimonials

We appreciate the compliments our patients give. Below are a few testimonials from some of our current and former patients.

"My entire family visits (and likes) this chiropractor. Dr. Walters never fails to find the spots that are giving us problems and sends us on our way feeling right with the world again. I feel confident enough in his skills to recommend him to all my friends. He's just a great chiropractor!"
Beth S. (Lansing, KS)

"The care that I have received at Mid-America Family Chiropractic has been healing and very nourishing. I recommend that you speak to Dr. Walters' for your very own chiropractic interests and needs. He has done a great job with ech specific issue in the process to complete my full recovery treatment. I am very thankful for his care and attention!"
Mindi H. (Lansing, KS)

"My husband read an article in the Leavenworth Times that was featuring Mid-America Chiropractic. My knee (2 surgeries) was constantly feeling as if I had been burnt by a hot iron and I was complaining of constant back pain to my colleagues. My husband basically dared me to go into the office. I told Dr. Walters that my returning would be based on my getting rid of knee pain.  Lo and behold, the pain had subsided and almost disappeared by the end of the first visit. During this summer, I took a trip back to Indiana and came home with the knee and back pain. One visit to Dr. Walters and the pain essentially subsided."
Bonnie F. (Lansing, KS)

“Dr. Mark does a great job assessing your needs as a client. Since each case that he sees is different, it is nice to know that he takes the time to make sure you are treated for your needs, not just getting you in and out. After going in for visits I have felt instant relief of pain and headaches due to back and neck pain. I strongly recommend going to Mark for chiropractic work, he is someone who will take the time and effort to help you.”
Rod F. (Lawrence, KS)

Prior to my visit I had been in considerable pain from TMJ. It would come and go for several months. I heard how chiropractic could help with this condition so I decided to schedule an appointment. Dr. Walters was able to use acupuncture and chiropractic to address the problem. Within minutes I was feeling better with a huge decrease in pain. I would recommend Dr. Walters to anyone.
Ginny W. (Tonganoxie, KS)

"I've been to several chiropractors and Dr. Walters is the one who has helped me the most in a short amount of time"
Patrick B. (Lawrence, KS);

“I’m very thankful that I’m able to do proper full range of motion exercises with my arms because the pain is gone.”
Laurie M. (Lawrence, KS)