Chiropractic Treatment Plans

How it Works

During your first or second visit, you and Dr. Walters will review your report of findings treatment plan. The report of findings includes the following components:

Your health history and initial consultation information
X-rays (if applicable)
Test results (if applicable)
Your diagnosis
Your doctor’s recommendations for your treatment plan
A review of your insurance benefits and preferred method of payment

When implementing your individualized treatment plan, we only recommend the amount of visits and services needed to help your specific situation. Much like a dentist or physician suggests routine cleanings or check-ups, we encourage you to move into maintenance care once the initial phase of treatment is complete.


The response to chiropractic care varies from person to person, and the length of your chiropractic treatment plan depends upon your health and condition. Many individuals notice a change within their body during the first few visits. However, it can sometimes take significantly longer for those with serious, long-standing conditions to see positive results. This delay does not mean that chiropractic care, acupuncture therapy, or any of the other services being utilized are not working. It indicates that the changes are slower and more subtle.

It takes time for the body to rebalance itself. If you have a chronic health issue, then your body has adjusted to that condition; it considers it normal. Your chiropractic doctor will work with you to remind your body what healthy truly feels like.

While it is not a guarantee, a good way to estimate how long it will take for our services to alleviate your health issue is to anticipate about one month of treatment for each year that your condition has occurred. For example, if you have had debilitating migraines for three years, then it may take three months of treatment for your body to readjust to being healthy and balanced.

At Mid-America Family Chiropractic, your health and wellness is the number one priority. Dr. Walters will work diligently to diagnose and alleviate your health issue. Are you ready to feel healthier? Contact the office at (913) 727-3600 to schedule your appointment today.